Dilmah Gourmet Tea

The specialty tea selection includes the popular Ceylon Supreme, English Breakfast, English Afternoon, Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast and Darjeeling. Dilmah provides exclusively authentic, traditional real tea. The speciality selections bring back the original taste profiles which made these teas famous. Each Speciality tea has its own distinctive taste and character.

Well known Food & Beverage Writer, Fiona Beckett had this to say in THE TIMES; "DILMAH Earl Grey tea is the best I've ever tasted - and the strong Breakfast Tea and Afternoon Tea are good, too." - The Times, London 20th October, 2001

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    Losse Theeblaadjes

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    Theezakjes zonder label

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    Theezakjes met label/1-kopszakjes

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    Individueel in folie verpakte zakken

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