Dilmah Seasonal Flush Very Special Rare Teas

The result of a fleeting climatic phenomenon where wind, sunshine and the terroir of the land join hands to produce conditions that are conducive for this creation process, Seasonal Flush teas are extremely rare and unique. Dry winds that fan the valleys and slopes, supported by chilly nights and bright, dry days with infrequent light afternoon showers, cause flavor in the leaves to become concentrated as the tea plant undergoes stress and prepares for drought. The ten days preceding the January Seasonal Flush showed a constant difference between the temperature during the day and night; between 24°C – 8°C. That combination offers the perfect conditioning for tea leaves to produce ‘seasonal character’.

“Congratulations - I am very, very impressed by this green tea - if I tasted it blind, I would have thought it to be a top end Japanese green tea in the semi Gyokuro style! Wow!“

Edwin Soon: Oenologist and author of ‘The Dilmah Way of Tea’