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An invitation to the luxury of real tea

Together with WorldChefs we brought a revolution to the world’s tea ceremony – high tea by putting real tea, made in the traditional, artisanal manner and respect for what nature has done in each tea, at the centre of that beautiful occasion.

With the resurgence of tea and the increased appreciation of tea culture, tea has become a modern must-have experience within the global hospitality industry. Dilmah fuses quality, authenticity, passion and ethics with the romance and sensory adventure that tea offers to form the Seven Star Luxury Tea Experience which aims to change the way the world perceives tea

With the sophistication of tea and the aura of opulence and rich heritage it commands, tea lends itself well to be placed as an essential in the modern world. The Dilmah Seven Star Luxury Tea Experience is designed to offer a unique experience in tea to guests in any hospitality situation. Dilmah offers a wide range of products specially created for the travel and hospitality sector. Additionally, the much needed training in the art of tea and knowledge sharing takes place through custom designed programmes as well as the Dilmah School of Tea sessions.


Dilmah…represents great products, great standard in selling the products and they also have something that we are looking for – they have a passion for our profession. So we are very happy to be partner of World Association of Chefs Societies and every Chef around the world

Chef Gissur Gudmundsson, President, World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS)

A stand out when drinking Dilmah tea are the elevations, valleys, rainfalls, and the importance of picking times and the processing. Taste the purity and clean flavours of their single region teas, like the Watte range, they have some every exciting flavours of the Exceptional range and in their t-Series

Chef Bernd Uber, Black Hat & WACS Reference Chef

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